Ingrade Lighting

Our ingrade lighting is revered due to its high resilience to damage from external forces. In commercial, industrial, and hospitality projects, ingrade lights are highly sought after thanks to their versatile applications and installation methods. Ingrade lights offer flexible approaches to lighting both inside and outside buildings. These LED luminaires have the ability to enhance the details and aesthetics of a space while serving as guiding lights at night time.

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What is ingrade lighting best for?

While concrete, paving stones, and tiles are the most common installation surfaces, they are not the only ones. Ingrade lights can also be installed on wood and brick surfaces. Depending on the application, these LED luminaires can be installed with extra support from back boxes and mounting kits for stable and safe installations.

What is ingrade lighting?

Recessed ingrade fixtures are embedded into the ground, at an even level with the surrounding area. This elevation poses unique environmental challenges not faced by a luminaire installed above the ground. Fortunately, fixtures are being developed with features designed to better accommodate the elements.