The Wildlife Lighting Certification Program is a cooperative effort between the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. It is designed to minimize the adverse impacts of improper lighting methods that can disrupt behavior and cause injury or even death to surrounding wildlife.

Certified lighting fixtures must satisfy three condtions:

  • 1) Keep it Low - Fixture must be mounted as low as possible and only use the nesessary lumens.
  • 2) Keep it Shielded - Fixture must meet or exceed full cut off and bulb must be shielded from the                 protected area.
  • 3) Keep it Long - Fixture must accept long wave length bulbs and bulbs must produce long wave length       of light.

The following MP Lighting products are certified under the Wildlife Lighting Certification Program. Please note that these products must be specified with a Red/Orange LED source to meet certification. Follow the ordering code on the specification sheet listed below.