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Western Canada

Darrell Lange

(C) 604-782-8631
(T) 604-708-1184 Ext. 125

Western US

Blair Smith

(C) 778-239-6420

Eastern US & Canada

Dion Beleznay

(C) 647-920-1720

Global Sales

MP Lighting

16 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Y 1G3
(T) 604-708-1184

Quotation & Tech Support

Bruce Patterson

(T) 604-708-1184 Ext.138
(F) 604-708-1185

Quotation & RGA

Bruce Sengsavanh

* RGA: Return Goods Authorization
(T) 604-708-1184 Ext.134

Order Entry

To place an order:

(T) 604-708-1184
(F) 604-708-1185

Shipping & Tracking

Michael Laurencio

(T) 604-708-1184 Ext.144
(F) 604-708-1981

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