New Products 2017

What’s new at MP Lighting for 2017? We’re so excited to share that 18 new products has been added to MP Lighting’s product line! We’ve listened to your concerns and requests to eliminate glare, added more landscape products, and offer products with higher lumen outputs for the 2017 lineup.

Here is a list of our 2017 New Products:

1. L310-L01
2. L358-L05/ L359-L05
3. L379-L03
4. L360-L05
5. L366-L05
6. L312-L01

7. L730
8.  L225S/ L225M/ L225L
9.  L53-L52/ L507-L53
10. L930

Surface Mount
11. L603-L600

12. L197-L195

13. L110-L109
14. L122-L121

The in-grade products can be used as wall washers to create beautiful lighting effects that can make a space feel much brighter and spacious. If you want to highlight a specific architectural feature, the in-grade products can be installed into the concrete, wood, or floor which creates a modern, minimalist look.


L310-L01 is designed with a shorter base for applications where heated floors or shallow depths may be present. Can be used without a back-box in interior wood floors. See spec sheet: L310-L01.

L358-L05/ L359-L05

L358-L05L359-L05 are exterior and interior directional in-grade light (3W/7.5W), specially designed with single/double aperture to shine light along the stairs, hallways, walkways and outdoor pathways. Great as a marker light. See spec sheet: L358-L05,L359-L05.


L379-L03 is a small submersible fixture which can be recessed into the sides and bases of pools, ponds, foundations, and freshwater reflecting pools. See spec sheet: L379-L03.


L366-L05 can be used for exterior and interior. This luminaire uses a reflector and offers the highest wattage amongst the in-grade family of 8W with absolute lumens of 305~315lm. See spec sheet: L366-L05.


L360-L05 can be used for exterior and interior. This recessed up-light (8W) resembles L05 and is designed with a longer base to allow the diode to set deeper into the housing to create a nearly glare-free product. See spec sheet: L360-L05.


Inspired by the L01, the recessed up-light L312-L01 comes with a longer base and added reflector to help eliminate glare. See spec sheet: L312-L01.


Adding to our mono-point family, the new L730 can be used as an indoor/outdoor fixture. It definitely appeals to those looking for modern style! The adjustable head can focus beam of light onto objects and surfaces. Placing monopoints in front of a building makes it appear more welcoming. You can also use these lights to illuminate trees, plants, and architectural features. See spec sheet: L730

L225S, L225M, L225L

We have added additional larger versions of the popular mini spotlight, the L225S (small). This is a small unobtrusive monopoint can be used in an unlimited number of indoor locations (2.5W). L225M (medium) can accentuate the interior architectural features in a space. We will also be releasing L225L coming up soon! Spotlights are versatile and energy-efficient as this product illuminates up to 8W. See spec sheet: L225S, L225M

L53-L52 and L507-L53

L53-L52 and L507-L53 are subtle, sleek black fixtures used where a narrow glare free point of light is needed. This luminaire is notably designed for airport control tower applications. It allows the airport operators to read instruments easily and focus on-hand tasks. The light offers 2.5W with adjustable shield to eliminate back glare. See spec sheet: L53-L52, L507-L53


L930 is our first luminaire designed specifically with a mounting stake for use in landscape lighting. To illuminate outdoor areas we’ve designed a powerful light to highlight trees, garden, walls, and any landscape element that would normally disappear at night. This 1W/2.5W LED product provides 47~56/90~99 absolute lumens. This product is available in 316 Stainless Steel. See spec sheet: L930.


To meet the higher lumen output demands, we’ve modified the L600 and now offer it with a 26W option, producing up to 1636lm. L603-L600 can be used in damp or indoor location. The surface mount downlight is available in matte clear anodized, black anodized, bronze anodized and white finishes along with different reflector finishes. See spec sheet: L603-L600.


Hanging the L197-L195 pendants is a great way to create a warm, ambient environment. This minimalistic, pendant works well for accent lighting over bar tops, beside the bed, candle light, and those that want to create a starlight effect with its intimate light source (0.2W). See spec sheet: L197-L195.

We’ve designed two new modern contemporary linear products which offer excellent lumen performance. They can be used as a stand-alone or installed in a continuous row for surface, recessed (wall/ceiling), and suspended applications.


L110-L109 can be used for indoor/outdoor applications in stairs tread or under benches. This linear product provides illumination for stair treads that can either be used to create contrast from one step to another or used to enhance architectural features. See spec sheet: L110-L109.


L122-L121 is designed with a higher wattage (7W/ft and 10W/ft). This LED linear strip light offers smooth, uniform lighting of 2200K-3000K, 80+CRI. L122-L121 can be used for commercial, residential, and office environments. The linear can be mounted into drywall ceiling or wall. See spec sheet: L122-L121.

Please contact your sales rep with questions, comments or any feedback. Or feel free to email us at info@mplighting.com with any comment or question.

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