Introducing L740 and L741 (as the New and Improved L48)

As part of our new products for 2016, MP Lighting has launched L740 and L741 wall mount luminaires. They were inspired by the previously discontinued fixture, L48. The wall mounts are specifically designed for residential and hospitality applications.

Modern and sleek Design
The innovative design for the wall mounts were changed from L48 for the following reasons:
  • People did not like seeing the mounting screws on the face of the fixture
  • Wall mount fixture was too thick (1-1/4”)

To address those concerns, MP Lighting designers focused on designing a screwless faceplate and also downsizing the thickness (see below image). Not only is it visually different, the L740 now has a 12 VAC option for use with a remote magnetic transformer. It makes it easier to dim and is brighter than what the L48 had to offer.

Introducing Photocell Options

LED technology has enabled us to work with photocell options for our LED products. To introduce the option, we’ve added it to L741 for interior use only. The photocell option gives the wall mount the ability to detect light and determines when to turn on/off the light as needed. For example when the area is dark the light-sensitive detector in the photocell will activate turning the LED on and it will switch off when it is bright. This allows for the most efficient use of the LED and greater energy savings.

Learn more about L740 and L741 on the spec sheet.