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  • Why recessed lighting is popular in modern projects

    Recessed lighting can be defined as the use of any light fixture that is installed directly inside a surface – ceilings, walls, etc. Due to the installation being on the inside, this provides a cleaner and more seamless result as the fixtures are flush with the surface they are installed in. Recessed lighting can be …

  • What is Architectural Lighting?

    Architectural lighting design merges the functionality of lighting design with the aesthetics of architecture; it utilizes light as a way to highlight or emphasize a space’s architecture. Light plays a big role when it comes to people’s perception of an environment – think of a scary movie with a dark hallway and flickering overhead light; …

  • UBC Robson Square Campus

    In the midst of downtown Vancouver, there’s a small part of Robson Street barricaded from the rumble of vehicles known as Robson Square, and just below its surface, lies the UBC Robson Square campus, a peaceful academic oasis that’s hidden from the chaos of downtown Vancouver. Featured throughout the campus, the star of the show …

  • Lighting for a Pool House in Surrey, UK

    An outdoor Pool House in Surrey, England, was in dire need of a remodel. Fourth Dimension Lighting Design was tasked with the lighting design for the project, and with the help of MP Lighting’s best-selling fixtures L01 & L337, the end result is a stunningly lit pool house that can be used year-round, even during …

  • What are lumens

    What are lumens and how to apply lumens in lighting design?

    An overly-bright or overly-dim room can break what would otherwise be a stunning project. But how does one choose how many luminaires are needed in a space? How does one decide how much light is enough to light up a given room? That’s where light output calculation comes in. This task is particularly crucial in …

  • Historic Boston Home

    Historic Boston Home’s Music Room

    There’s nothing more enchanting than seeing a historical piece of architecture come to life in the hands of people who care about history. Built in 1883 by the renowned Rotch & Tilden architecture firm, this Historic Boston Home has been given new life by smart lighting, courtesy of TSP Smart Spaces, Fourth Dimension Lighting Design, …

  • Choosing the right beam angle in lighting design

    Choosing the right beam angle in lighting design

    With so many beam angles out there, it can be confusing to pick the perfect one. Angles affect how light is spread, therefore affecting how objects appear under the lights. Smaller beams deliver very focused light, so they’re ideal for highlighting smaller spots, while wider beams are better for illuminating a bigger area, like a …

  • Smithe & Richards Rainbow Park Vancouver in ground lighting fixtures

    MP Lighting shines bright at Rainbow park, Vancouver

    The City of Vancouver unveiled a new park on Smithe & Richards, now named sθәqәlxenәm ts’exwts’áxwi7, meaning rainbow, by the Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, which boasts vibrant and modern architecture with the help of some of MP Lighting’s in-ground fixtures for added lighting once the night comes. The aptly named park sits in between commercial …

  • Landscape lighting for a villa project

    All about landscape lighting: the what’s, why’s, and how’s

    Landscape lighting doesn’t have to be hard. It’s easy to focus on the singular aspects of lighting, but the beauty of it comes from the amalgamation of the end result. It’s not just the wattage, just the aesthetic, or just one thing. It’s everything. 1. What’s landscape lighting? To put it simply, it’s outdoor lighting …