Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting uses outdoor-rated LED fixtures to create illumination during the night time for accessibility and to enhance landscaping aesthetics. Landscape lighting includes bollard lights, in-grade lights, spotlights, windowsill lights, step lights and sconces, and submersible for underwater landscaping features.

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How to choose the right landscape lighting fixture

Pathway lights and bollard lights are modern fixtures that diffuse lighting over walkways, pathways, and driveways to enhance visibility when it’s dark. With a minimalistic design, bollards can highlight landscaping features without overshadowing them.

Spotlights can be used in landscape lighting to illuminate walls, signage, trees, bushes & shrubbery, or other landscaping features, such as statues, fountains, and columns.

Submersible lights are underwater-rated fixtures that are installed below the water surface (up to 3′) to highlight and enhance water features in landscaping. They are ideal for illuminating reflecting pools, ponds, and fountains.

Windowsill landscape lighting is ideal for illuminating under benches, windowsills, and building facades. The elliptical beam angle is great for more defined light beams.

Recessed and surface-mounted linear lighting is ideal for illuminating under benches, stairs and steps, and under stone or brick ledges. Linear lighting can be a great way to add accessibility to landscaping projects.

Wall-mount sconces with powerful wattages are suitable for large landscaping projects that require bright beams of light. The minimalistic design blends in seamlessly with its background and ensures accessibility after dark in hallways, pathways, and stairwells.