Electronic & Magnetic Transformer

MP Lighting’s magnetic and electronic transformers are great for large commercial and industrial projects; magnetic transformers have a long lifespan and are favoured by field experts to illuminate outdoor and large commercial settings. Electronic transformers are also widely used for indoor spaces due to the lack of flickering and wide voltage and frequency input range.

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Magnetic Transformers vs. Electronic Transformers
Magnetic transformers utilize two coils, a primary and a secondary, to reduce high voltage into low voltage. The primary wire will carry the input or voltage and creates the magnetic flow, which begins the current in the secondary wire. The primary wire has more coils, which allows it to carry more voltage. The exact output depends on how many windings are in the two coils. These transformers have a long life span, with an average of 15-20 years in use. They also have a high heat tolerance – making them perfect for outdoor use.
Electronic transformers contain an inverter and work by changing the frequency of the voltage of the lighting fixtures. An inverter changes the frequency at which the alternating current into the transformer changes directions. Electronic transformers are small and light, and can be placed further away from light sources. They last about 5-6 years and are less heat-tolerant than magnetic transformers.